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Young people sustain a longer run.

But the seniors know the short-cuts.

Young people sustain a longer

run. But the seniors know the


At Dogma Digital we run a modern, virtual company. For each task we individually are setting up a virtual team consisting of steady employees, freelancing experts and digital entrepreneurs. In it we have the enviable young hard-working, super up-to-date juvenile consultants, UX-experts, nerdy coders and savvy IoT specialists but we also have the older and wiser consultants, who know how to save miles and time.

Buy one, get three

In times of the Fourth Revolution highly skilled digital ressources of course are the bottle-nack. At Dogma Digital we combine the expertise of three digital entrepreneurs for your benefits. We are enjoying a very rich network of very skilled and experienced partners to run projects. We partner with the best-in-class experts in Digital Transformation, often a combination of several teams that normally work exclusively for Digital Transformation Agencies, combined by a projectleader and united for a single task or project - or even a longer cooperation. Committed only on one target and the benefit for the customer - preferably the one who finally uses the product we are proud to invent.


Designed in Berlin, coded globally

We believe we can scale like no other. Ask us, we supply you with our global network of super-skilled project members, always ready to start and serve you the moment you want to dedicate this huge project. We can do it and we still have a Ruhepuls of 60 when we do it.

The commune

One thing we are proud of is the solidarity and closeness we enjoy with the huge team of digital technology specialists, entrepreneurs and feelancers as well as new employees we have the honour to work with. Maybe it's because we made sure we all kept up with the huge pace of digital development in recent years. Or maybe it's just love. Who cares. We get shit done. Hire us, if you are interested in galactic digiital knowlegde, high speed implementation and German style quality.


Arne Flick

Founder of dogma digital

Arne works as a consultant for SME & big corporations with his consultancy dogma digital to enable digital change, invent innovative digital products and services based on digital strategies and new business models.

Working in digital since 1997 in different roles as an employee, e.g. at ID Media as Head of Unit Hamburg with over 160 employees, Arne's last position was managing director at e7/Pixelpark. In 2003 he became a digital entrepreneur and has invested in a serie of companies, today combined in the AFG Group.

In his career, Arne has led successfully digital projects for clients like Audi, British American Tobacco, Bose, Die Zeit, Deutsche Telekom, Engel & Voelkers, Lufthansa, Media Markt, Nordea, Otto, Saturn, Sony, Unilever, Volkswagen, Wella and many more.

In 2014 Arne found Dogma Digital to offer SME & big corporations services alongside of their digital transformation, inventing with them new products, services & business models.


in Digital Transformation

in Digital Transformation
Regine Haschka-Helmer

regine is one of the most influential digital entrepreneurs of our time. In the DotCom boom of the 2000s she was the youngest woman in a board of an internet company listed on the stock exchange ever and has been running a digital enabler & digital company consulting for the development of new digital strategy and business models in berlin for several years.

She is also part in the beautiful office of Manu together with us and one could almost speak of a digital transformation commune.
Manuel Funk

Former Founder & CEO of Fork Unstable Media, Manuel is one of the most important innovators and influential entrepreneurs of the digital economy. He holds records since the nineties and still is one of the most profound creative thinkers and digital entrepreuers in Europe and outstanding in the definition of digital change, ux, programming and webdesign.

Manu has set up a digital accelerator and a digital lab called honeypump in Berlin Mitte and is also involved in digital transformation, innovations and new business modeling for bigger corporations.

He is the friendly host of Dogma Digital in his spacy office near lively Torstraße in Prenzlauer Berg in creative Berlin.

Technical partners



Arne is also proud to have found great technical partners for Digital Transformation.

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