Every business

will be digital.

Digital technology must be in the deepest core of every company in about 5 ys. Or the companies will have significant disadvantages compared to their digital competitors.

Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on Fortune 500 have dissapeared since the year 2000.

Pierre Nanterme

- CEO of Accenture

But how to


Changing a big company to be more digital is a Herculean task and it alreday led i.a. to a blossom of accelerators and labs here in Berlin. But you need more than a smart innovation lab in Berlin - and many companies know now. Because you can't integrate Silos into your corporate processes. Technology isn't the challenge. The digital culture is.

Humans need to be

at the center of the

digital revolution.

Humans need

to be at the

center of the

digital revolution.

You can't buy or invest into digital culture - even if many companies without success. But you can integrate digital tools and methods into your existing organisation in a way people can adapt and learn in daily practise.

One think is mandatory: The management of a company plays the most important leading role in digital change of the culture. The board of directors own the key function in digital change and need to be first movers in new technologies. Because only a pioneer can be a credible enabler and supporter for digital change.

It's not go

digital or die,

it's win people to

change or die.

it's win people

to change or die.

If the company can't give employees a good reason why the company should be much more digital, it just won't. People are afraid of losing their jobs and companies need to communicate the benefits of the digitalization. They also need to be much, much more creative to invent new jobs that a) a robo is not good at and b) that can create value.


Now more


than ever.

Great creative ideas often don't grow inside companies. But we don't believe in Dogmas. ;-)

We believe there is also a lot creative potential in companies. And together with an external experienced creative partner that is able to think strategically & creative at the same time, corporations can gain the best creative ideas that make great new digital products all based on a well-defined digital business plan.

We believe innovation is team sports. If innovation shall succeed within a company all stakeholders must be involved. If important people are not involved and if projects are not rooted in the structure of the company the likeliness of a fail is high.

Speak with us. We can offer you a great way to be more creative & gain the ideas that your employees will convince to stay committed and transform your company.

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